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In an alternate timeline, the Kuni – materialistic adherents of a male-dominated religion – threaten to overthrow the Guardians – an ancient alliance that oversees the earth’s resources and peoples. The Kuni of Constantina, a small colony of Europan settlers on the Kanatan continent, lead the revolt, endangering surrounding ecosystems and indigenous communities. When the Guardians punish the Constantinan Kuni, the worldwide repercussions are terrifying: for both the Kuni and indigenous peoples. Separated by 12,000 years, two nearly omnipotent women – the creators of this alternate timeline – converge once more to save humanity from its own failings. Will they succeed or will all life be annihilated?

The characters and events of Svevi Avatar are assigned to one of five elements, each with its own ancient symbol and a dedicated page full of featured art and stories. As the universe of Svevi Avatar unfurls in multi-media glory through books, movies, and television series, keep checking back here as the significance of the five elements and the association of characters and events with each of these elements is gradually revealed.


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An alternate timeline universe The Elements of Svevi Avatar


The solidity of earth keeps us grounded even as we traverse realities

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Emotions flow as water from the hearts of others to ours

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What is fire but the transformation of one reality to another

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In the subtlety of air we find the power to move the immovable

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Before the universe was born there was only potential, undivided and unknowable

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Constantina has been a site of power struggles and growing nationalist fervor since it was occupied by invaders from Europa in the 1600s. For decades, Constantina’s settlers have been taught to believe in their racial and cultural superiority over minority communities and their neighbors beyond Constantina’s militarized borders.

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“And that is why our work is not finished, Constantinans. The enemy still surrounds us. They still try to snatch away our liberties. Why should we let the savages tell us how we can use our lands and our rivers? Why should we simply accept the borders they have imposed on our nation? And why — why should we allow those Godless barbarians to tell us how to worship?”


From the Novel

Svevi Avatar: Persecution of Constantina




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