In her blog, Maya Svevak writes from non-eurocentric and indigenous perspectives to explore the 7 core ecosocial (ecological + social) issues of our time. These include issues related to: indigenous peoples, environment, identity, gender violence, capitalism, health, and culture.

30 July, 2020 — Belief & Science

When people tell me they don’t believe in science, I ask them if they believe that the sun rises in the east. I have never been able to reconcile the juxtaposition of` the word ‘belief’ with science. One of the dictionary definitions of ‘belief’ is ‘confidence in the truth or existence of something not immediately… Read More

23 July, 2020 — Dare to love 1

Once I began falling in love, whether as Maya the character or Maya the author, I no longer know. Circumstance threw us together in work. And so we worked. Diligently. Our collaboration grew, as did the frequency of our interactions. Within a few months, work conversations flowed into revelations to each other about our lives…. Read More

16 July, 2020 — Hope in Trauma

Sometimes when you are drowning in hopelessness, you see another’s hand piercing through. And you are faced with a choice. Do you extend your hand and let yourself be pulled out or do you keep sinking into the despair that threatens to burden your heart forever? Do you believe in the possibility of escaping the… Read More

7 July, 2020 — FORCING GENDER

There are times when I feel that to express my gender as a woman, I must do so defiantly. For wrapped up in the word ‘woman’ are so many expectations, biases, and preconditioned feelings that defining myself against these is a daily struggle. Why should I have to fend off people who wish to control… Read More


This is a peculiar time, when we are afraid to reach out and touch each other. Or even be in the same room with another. Life evolved to be symbiotic. And so we depend on nature and each other for food and security. But we also depend on each other for comfort, a comfort that… Read More

25 June, 2020 — BLACK LIVES MATTER

When I witness injustice or violence, I cannot walk away. The freedom to express who we are and what we believe is the foundation of an open and democratic society. On an individual level, such freedoms nourish and strengthen us. As hundreds of thousands of people around the world call for police reform and an… Read More



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