In her blog, Maya Svevak writes from non-eurocentric and indigenous perspectives to explore the 7 core ecosocial (ecological + social) issues of our time. These include issues related to: indigenous peoples, environment, identity, gender violence, capitalism, health, and culture.

15 November, 2020 — The Female Creative Power Shakti 4

Let us return to the story of the warrior Durga. All of the kings, along with Brahma-Shiva-Vishnu, the near-omnipotent male trinity, closed their eyes and concentrated fervently on Shakti. Soon she appeared in the form of Durga, a beautiful and muscular woman, her eyes radiating with omniscience, her demeanor serene yet firm. “Durga, please save… Read More

8 November, 2020 — The Female Creative Power Shakti 3

My own interpretation of the tale of Durga’s prowess is one I have distilled over the span of my life. Many thousands of years ago, a man called Mahishasura had ambitions of global conquest and amassing immense wealth, not unlike the imperialists of the past few centuries. His physical strength was colossal and his avarice… Read More

1 November, 2020 — The Female Creative Power Shakti 2

As an Indian woman, I have cultivated more than a passing interest in what sets us and other indigenous peoples apart, especially with respect to how the female is regarded. This is what I have learned so far. Since a little over ten thousand years ago, upon the advent of settlements, most metropolitan societies became… Read More

25 October, 2020 — The Female Creative Power Shakti 1

It is that time of year again, when over a billion people across the world celebrate Shakti, the female creative power. It is a time of phenomenal creativity, when building-sized temples, called pandals, are erected from sustainable, recycled, and biodegradable materials in almost every neighborhood in Kolkata, and many other villages, towns, and cities throughout… Read More



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