16 July, 2020 — Hope in Trauma

Sometimes when you are drowning in hopelessness, you see another’s hand piercing through. And you are faced with a choice. Do you extend your hand and let yourself be pulled out or do you keep sinking into the despair that threatens to burden your heart forever? Do you believe in the possibility of escaping the recurrent nightmares that hold you hostage or do you surrender to the fate you have convinced yourself you somehow deserve? Sometimes the pain that another has subjected you to is so immense, that relief from it seems unfathomable. You feel as though your mind will remain disfigured until the day you quietly disappear. You accept without a fight that you are unworthy of even hope. But what if? What if that hand symbolizes even the most imperceptible of probabilities in favor of happiness? Would you not give yourself the opportunity to find out?

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